American Resource Management Group Reviews

Timeshare maintenance fees are the often the harshest penalty of vacation ownership. Unfortunately, these fees need to be paid, must be paid, before you get any enjoyment from your luxury vacation. Many times it is a shock how much these fees rise on a yearly basis and continue to rise each year indefinitely. The rising costs of maintenance fees, exchange fees and usage fees, as well as a complicated exchange system leave many timeshare owners looking for a way to cancel their timeshare contract.

The overwhelming majority of timeshare developers are doing everything they can to keep an owner locked into their timeshare indefinitely. They do this by making it extremely difficult to get rid of their timeshare. Usually the only hope for an owner is to locate a professional third party transfer company that will guarantee and insure the transaction. These transfer companies experience and knowledge of the industry has given many trapped timeshare owners the relief they so desperately need.

The companies we recommend have built solid and lasting relationships with resort developers and engage in the timeshare timeshare transfer industry in a much different way than the timeshare resellers out there do. These companies will guarantee they will take your timeshare off your hands and permanently and forever remove your name from the deed or membership documents – giving owners a much needed reprieve from their unwanted timeshare. Companies such as American Resource Management Group, LLC and other timeshare redemption companies are known for specializing in transferring and then repurposing paid in full timeshares to various travel club aggregates.

If you want  to cancel your timeshare contract quickly and never again pay a maintenance fee or special assessment on a property that you can not afford or simply do no want, there is real help out there for you. has put together a list of the the most reputable and professional timeshare transfer organizations in the industry in order to provide a proven list of companies that can and will help to CANEL MAINTENANCE FEES.