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Maintenance fees are the Achilles heel of timeshare ownership. Even if your timeshare is paid in full, your financial obligations never cease. You are still responsible for paying for all the annual upkeep of the property. These annual maintenance fee increases will happen without cause it may seem, every year without any relief. Most people can afford the fees the first few years of ownership, but find it very difficult to afford the drastic increase in prices year after year. Many timeshare owners report having their annual dues increase by TRIPLE over their timeshare of ownership. These types of wildly increasing fees have spawned a ton of timeshare liquidation companies and even proposed state legislation to help ease the chains of timeshare ownership. The unfortunate part is, these proposed laws NEVER pass due to lobbyists and the overwhelming money timeshare developers shower upon their local governments.

American Resource Management Group Reviews

Year after year its been the same endless cycle, but recently there has been a change. Timeshare maintenance fees continue to go up, but timeshare owners’ patience is going down. These owners are forcing their way out of ownership, and since they couldn’t do it on their own they now solicit professional help. Companies like American Resource Management Group, located an hour north west of Chicago, Illinois, have begun massive timeshare acquisition campaigns. Companies like these, also known as “redemption firms,” repurpose valueless timeshares to travel clubs in bulk, thus canceling the consumer’s timeshare and allowing the large travel corporation to use it for inventory in their expensive clubs. It seems to be a symbiotic relationship whereby the timeshare owner gets rid of their maintenance fees and these large firms have enough inventory to accommodate their affluent clients almost anywhere, at any time. However, not every resort qualifies for these types of programs.

 Every timeshare owner should be very cautious with any company in the timeshare rental or resale industry. Many times acquisition companies have similar barriers of entry. Some unscrupulous brokers attempt to “game” the system by transferring timeshares on behalf of their clients that are behind on fees or have liens against the properties. These brokers take money from unsuspecting clients promising them that they can eliminate their mortgage or transfer a property with outstanding fees. Ultimately when companies like American Resource Management Group review the inventory – it is rejected. This leaves timeshare owners stuck with their original property simply because they did not deal directly with the liquidation company. 

American Resource Management Group reviews the property for clouds on the title prior to acquisition, searching for disqualifiers, such as past due fees and mortgage balances. If you have questions about the acceptance of your property, you should deal directly with any timeshare redemption or donation firm.

American Resource Management Group ReviewsWhile we won’t specifically endorse companies like American Resource Management Group, it is fair to say that the individual timeshare seller who is competing with hundreds of thousands of other sellers will find it hard to accomplish timeshare freedom without companies like these. It seems the best way to cancel or stop timeshare maintenance fees is to just get rid of it. Search for a company who you feel comfortable with, and who is in the business of completing the process quickly. Industry standards should have any give back timeshare company, or redemption company finishing the task well inside of six months. Reliable timeshare transfer companies either use or own a licensed and bonded title company and always offer a guarantee in writing.

When considering which timeshare liquidation company to work with, it’s best for you to research different companies before signing any contract. For example, if you were considering working with American Resource Management Group, it would be wise to do a Google search for the term “American Resource Management Group Reviews” or “American Resource Management Group Complaints.” An extra measure of research and evaluation would be to check the company out on the well-respected business rating sites such as the Better Business Bureau and the Online Business Bureau, as well as the local Chamber of Commerce where the business is located. It is best to make sure that the company at the very least has no complaints recorded on the BBB website, but it is optimal to chose a company that has a BBB rating of A- or above. The BBB is one of the most reputable websites for reputation research. If a company has been in business for multiple years and is yet to have a complaint filed , you know that this is a business that you can trust. Thoroughly researching a company before handing over money for services is essential for any consumer. 

Remember to stop and think about the long term legal obligations you have to the resort when purchasing a timeshare the next time you agree to a presentation. Can you rent a timeshare for cheaper than the maintenance fees? Odds are – yes!